Create a Cartoon Look in Photoshop

This tip comes straight from the man himself, Glyn Dewis. It’s an ultra simple method that takes 2-3 minutes and yields amazing results. I was looking to create a cartoon look in Photoshop  and was having minimal success when I happened to stumble upon this tutorial after signing up for the newsletters on Glyn’s site. If you haven’t checked it out I recommend doing so as Glyn posts a ton of great tips and if you sign up for the newsletter you get a free 40 minute workshop download which includes the cartoonish look we’re going to create in this tutorial.

Here’s my initial image:

Step One

Open up your file and duplicate the layer 2 times.  Right Click on the Layer 1 Copy and select Convert to Smart Object.  Then add the filter Reduce Noise (Filter>Noise>Reduce Noise). When the preference box opens push the strength to 10 and everything else to 0%.

Next press Ctrl+F to add the Reduce Noise filter again and click OK.

Step Two

Since this has really blurred our image we’re going to sharpen it using a the High-Pass filter (Filter>Other>High-Pass) on Layer 1 Copy 2. Select a radius of 1-3.

Now you image will look very grey which is fine. Just change the blend mode of this layer Softlight. And we’re basically done.


You still can go tweak the settings and even add a Layer mask if you only want to tone down the effect or have it only applied on s specific area of the photo. Just don’t go back and crank the High-Pass filter if your image looks too blurry. Simply go and lower the opacity of Layer Copy 1. If you push the high pass filter too high you could create some nasty halos.

And here is my final image with a new background put in place too:

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