Family Portraits & Spring Blossoms

I recently had the opportunity to do a family portrait session with a young couple and their daughter from my the local ex-pat community. The concept of the shoot was simple. The couple had a young daughter (nearly one) and were really in love with the spring blossoms in Korea. We had missed the cherry blossom which bloomed fairly early in the year and fell victim to the rain but we were lucky enough to have a number of other species of flowering trees which the couple really wanted to the capture the beauty of the vibrant spring blossoms in their portrait. With only a few days to catch the blossoms at their peak we agreed to meet within in a few days of them contacting me.

When the day of the shoot rolled around we were blessed with wonderful weather which (as is often the case) completely disintegrated before the shoot. I knew I would need flash as the sky was flat and dark. My larger umbrellas were also out, as the gusts of wind would have ripped them apart. So I knew I would need to shoot most shots fairly tight with my 50×50 soft-box. It was the right call. Even with a small soft-box and weights, I lost the stand to gusts of wind a couple of times.

Another difficulty I had was communicating what I wanted with the couple, as English was a second language for them. They were eager to pose and had lots of good ideas, but had they not have been I wouldn’t have been happy with my shots. Being more assertive with directing my models is definitely something for me to work on in my next shoot. In post I also noticed I overshot some of the poses and could have squeezed in a couple more variations had I moved on earlier (though I did abandon some of the shots that just weren’t working well enough).

Overall, it was fun shoot with a great family and I even got a few shots to add to my portfolio.


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