Weekend Shooting

Weekend Shooting

These past few weekends I wanted to put in some practice time with my camera and I had some great opportunities to photographic my daughter.  We started out two weekends ago at the Ulsan Rose Festival. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped.  Many of the roses were beginning to wilt (probably because I waited till the last weekend) and the crowds made it truly difficult to get a clean shot.  Unfortunately, I  wasn’t able to work the roses into any of the shots but I was able to find some benches a little out of the way with some wild flowers growing nearby.   Using a long lens I was able to crop out most of the crowds and get a nice clean background.




Not wanting to stop there I took my daughter out the following weekend for a walk around the neighborhood.






Then finally at the end of the day I was able to use the setting sun shinning through my balcony window. At this point I tried to work in the reflection from my coffee table, just add a little more interest to the photo.



aboutcolinimage--2 aboutcolinimage-9970

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