Lightroom Tips & a Canadian Holiday

Lightroom Tips & a Canadian Holiday

Summer is truly in full swing and I, like many others, have been busy traveling, visiting family, drinking cold beer on the patio, shooting and generally just being lazy. Having just returned from holidays, however, I’ve been keen to edit and post some of my photos from our family trip.  Coincidentally, I stumbled across this video by Serge Ramelli, a French photographer who’s been featured on shows like The Grid on Kelby TV. The video highlights his top ten feature in Lightroom 5. My attention was immediately peaked by how efficiently he created a Web Gallery and then a multi-photo collage using the print module. Both of which I thought I could use to display my Canadian holiday photos.

Creating a Web Gallery in Lightroom

The first tip that really caught my eye was how Serge’s demonstration of how to create a web gallery in Lightroom could, with some initial setup, be as simple as a single click (see my web gallery of my Canadian trip by clicking the image below).


Click for Gallery

I’d highly recommend watching Serge’s video, as he goes over the setup in detail. However, there were a couple of points I thought he left out having completed the process.  Firstly, he shares a couple of his favorite Airtight gallery templates (which I believe are pre-installed in LR4+ but are available for download on the Adobe site) as they do look pretty great. Unfortunately, as they are Flash based galleries they aren’t compatible with Android or Apple mobile devices. Flash is also under threat from HTML5 and will likely go the way of the dodo. When? I don’t know. Probably not soon, but I’d rather be using the HTML galleries already installed in Lightroom so when the transition comes into effect I won’t need to change a thing.

The other issue I had (and maybe this was just me) but after configuring my FTP Server in LR’s Upload Settings and uploading a test gallery I couldn’t find the gallery URL.  It just didn’t seem to be where LR said it should be.  Long story short, after troubling shooting a number of possible reasons for the problem I was able to find the gallery.  I used CuteFTP (although Filezilla would work just as well and it’s free) to browse my site folders until I found the gallery’s location.Turns out LR was uploading the file into my WordPress ‘wp-content’ folder. Why? I still have no idea, though, with the gallery location I was able to type the URL and add ‘/index.html’ to the end and all was well again in the world again.

Creating a Custom Collage in Lightroom

Creating a custom collage is far easier in LR than setting up an FTP created Web gallery. You can view the example I created above. Again I recommend watching Serge’s video as he explains the setup and creation process extremely well.

The one thing that was a little tricky was configuring paper sizes in Windows to get the square layout.  To do this click:

  • the Page Setup button (in the print module) to get to the printer setup
  • Properties button
  • Printer Paper Size drop down menu and select Custom
  • set the Height and Width to the same length (eg. 200×200)
  • Click Ok to exit




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