Free Presets for Lightroom 5

Free Presets for Lightroom 5

There are a number of great places online to pick up free presets for Lightroom 5. MVR presets, Presetheaven and Lightroom Killer Tips are a few of my favorite places (you can find more links on my links page). I spent quite a large amount of time trying different presets out. If you’ve done the same you’ll know that the examples always look so good but often fail miserably when applied to my own photos. I know no preset will work with all photos and I always expect to do a little bit of tweaking but more often than not most of the presets I tried were more effort than they were worth.

My solution to this problem? Create my own presets that would work with a higher level of consistency. I took some presets, from some of the sources mentioned above, that I knew worked for my style of shooting, looked at how they worked and study how their creators had designed them.  Then by following the basic design formulas of these presets I started to create my own using other photographers work, my own photos, items around my house and complimentary colors as inspiration (I’ll go into more detail about my preset creation process in a future post). I feel my presets were quite successful.

Black and White Presets Example Gallery


Color Preset Example Gallery


Download Presets

If you try these presets out and like them or have a suggestion I’d love to hear it, so please leave a comment below.

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