Shutter Speed

What is Shutter Speed?

Every time an image is taken by camera a number of things occur in a fractions of a second. First the aperture of lens allows a set amount of light through the lens. Next the shutter, which is literally two small curtains, opens and closes allowing light to hit the sensor or speed for a set duration of time.

In other words, shutter speeds refers to the duration of the exposure.

How does it effect the Exposure?

Shutter speed effects exposure in very simple way. The longer that the shutter is open the more light that is allowed to hit the film or sensor.

Like ISO, every time the shutter speed is halved or doubled a stop of light is lost or gained.

What else does it effect?

Faster and slower shutter speeds can allow photographers to either freeze motion or allow blur to enter their photographers. With beginning photographers (and even more experienced ones) this may be acceditnatly by can really effect the mood or even ruin an image, and therefore or something that you should always be keeping an eye

Still haven’t had enough?

Here’s a fantastic video all the way from the British Isles explaining shutter speed with some good physical examples as well as some photos.

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