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The LumiPlus Panel: A Free Photoshop Action Panel

The LumiPlus Panel: A Free Photoshop Action Panel
Announcing the release of the LumiPlus Panel.  A custom Photoshop panel designed for landscape photographers to help increase speed and post processing productivity. Created to bridge the gap between the sparse number of actions available on most other free panels and the unnecessarily complicated paid versions, the LumiPanel is the..

10 Step Skin Smoothing

With all the various techniques and methods I’ve tried for skin smoothing this 10 Step Skin Smoothing is by far my favorite. It’s quick and easy but preserves so much of the skin detail.  As the title of my post so subtly suggests I  didn’t actually design this method so I believe it’s only proper to give the credit to Calvin Hollywood, who..

Creating Long Exposure like Clouds in Photoshop

I recently watched a great tip from Matt K. in which he used Photoshop and the Radial Blur filter to create long exposure like clouds. The effect was so beautifully convincing and easy to do I thought it was definitely worthwhile to create a short tutorial to add this technique to all our repertoires. (more…)

Brightening and Changing the Color of the Eyes (Iris)

I use to start my retouching by focusing on removing major blemishes, however, my workflow has since changed and I know fix-up the eyes first. Typically, I do the whites first and then remove any red veins. After that I begin brightening the iris. This is something I do on almost every close up portrait and the amount time spent compared to the..

Adding a Bottom Catch/Kicker Light to an Eye

This trick to adding a bottom catch/kicker light to an eye that I use in all my photos take about 5 minutes from start to finish in Photoshop, so it’s fairly quick and this method can really help add some shape to the eye while brightening them up a little more at the same time. (more…)

Fixing Uneven Eyes

In this tutorial we’re going to cover how to fix someone’s eyes if there uneven, a little askew or simply not the same size. It’s a subtle change but as you work through the steps I guarantee you notice a big improvement in your own image. This is also a fast step in my retouching workflow and should take 2-3 minutes to complete, once you’ve..

Create a Cartoon Look in Photoshop

This tip comes straight from the man himself, Glyn Dewis. It’s an ultra simple method that takes 2-3 minutes and yields amazing results. I was looking to create a cartoon look in Photoshop  and was having minimal success when I happened to stumble upon this tutorial after signing up for the newsletters on Glyn’s site. If you haven’t checked it..

Quick & Dirty Dodging & Burning

I’ll admit it. Not to long ago dodging and burning in Photoshop remained a bit of a mystery to me. Everywhere I looked I got the advice “make the darks darker and the brights brighter”. This advice, while not inaccurate, was frustratingly vague. I tried applying it to a number of images using the dodging and burning tools native to Photoshop but..