Welcome to my Links page! This page has been set aside to showcase all the links I can find to websites that showcase inspirational photographers, Lightroom and Photoshop resources, photography advice or reviews and anything else that tickles my fancy…

Inspirational Photographers

Andrzej Dragan

A Polish photographer who specialize in dark portraiture that borders on the macabre.

Dan Winters

Mostly known for his portrait/commercial work, I find his low key portraits  of celebrities absolutely stunning. I want to light like Dan Winters.

Gary Land

A brilliant photographer whose work includes sports, commercial and many of his conceptual ideas. The site also features behind the scenes videos. Definitely worth checking out.

Joey L.

Wikipedia states he’s best know for his work the Twilight movie posters. Ouch! I think that’s an injustice. His stunning collection of personal work simply blows away the work for the Twilight saga.

Zack Arias

Another great portrait photographer who branches into other areas of photography as well, and in my opinion,  is an equally fantastic teacher.  His OneLight DVD and CreativeLive workshops (Foundations of a Working Photographer and Studio Photography) are all must sees.

Sites with FREE Great Resources

Behind the Shutter

The work of wedding photographer Salvatore Cincotta, Behind the Shutter includes a free online interactive magazine to those who register with the site (also free of charge) featuring tutorials, interviews, equipment, business advice and much more. The magazine is great reference material and offers advice applicable to photographers beyond wedding shooters.  Sal’s work is also worth a close look as his shots are just stunning.If you enjoying shooting pictures of people don’t miss this one.


A wealth of free resources for Photoshop (amongst other things), from brush to textures to everything in between.

A.K.A. The Ski Report is the personal site of Kelby media’s Matt Kloskowski. It is a great resource for free Lightroom presets as well as some inspirational photography stories, advice and tips.

MVR Presets

…Has some fantastic free Lightroom presets which I find are particularly suited for weddings and baby photography.  I would also recommend subscribe to the site blog through rss feeds if you use them, as the author occasional launches a free preset day. These presets are released for a limited time and with no warning whatsoever. Unfortunately, the rss feed link on the site was down but you can subscribe by clicking here.


Learn Photoshop; Learn Photography. has a bunch of free and paid tutorials for photographer and Photoshop enthusiasts alike. It also has fantastic collection of inspirational links. It’s well worth a browse.

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